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Seeking Professional Help for Writing University Application Documents

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

A guide to understanding the need for hiring professional academic writers for your university application documents

The space of Professional Academic Writing Services for overseas education is a highly unorganized market in India at the moment, with a large number of players, both big and small competing for a share of the pie. Seekers of such a service may have several queries around whom to reach out to and for what all services can they reach out. Through this article, we will try and address some of those queries and provide an in-depth understanding of the entire admissions process.

A study visa is necessary if you intend to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate studies abroad. The first step towards getting approval for a student visa is to apply to a university in a country of your preference. The entire study visa depends on your ability to persuade a university to admit you to your chosen program. The requirements for securing admission to an overseas university vary primarily from program to program. However, there are a few similarities, whether you want to pursue your study in countries like Canada, the UK, the USA, Germany, Ireland, Australia, or anywhere else around the globe. A few crucial documents are required for your admission application based on your choice of country and institution. We will discuss in detail all such documents and their relevance to the overall admission process in the following section.


The fundamental elements of a strong SOP for the advisory board are accuracy, brevity, and lucidity. It also aids the University in comprehending your character qualities, academic strength, achievements, career path, personal ambitions, professional abilities, and enthusiasm for a particular study program.

A statement of purpose is a letter in which you introduce your profile unequivocally that portrays various aspects of your profile, such as:

  • Compelling reasons to choose a particular course

  • Academic background

  • Work experience, whether full-time, part-time or as a volunteer

  • Short-term and long-term objectives

  • Details on any curricular and co-curricular activities

  • Financial stability back in your home country

  • Subject knowledge, career vision, interest, and hobbies

  • The reasons to study in a specific country

  • How you can be an asset to the University


A LOR is a letter of recommendation given by either your academic instructor or your reporting manager that acknowledges your skills, achievements, experience, and contribution to your college or professional organization and endorses you for the program you have chosen to study abroad.


A resume is a synopsis of your profile that gives a comprehensive insight into your academic and professional accomplishments. It is a streamlined description of all degrees, certificates, internships, relevant work experience, and volunteering and social work.


Some universities may ask you to additionally submit a motivation letter where the candidate justifies the intention behind selecting a university. This letter is a personalized document that makes an impeccable impression and exhibits to the university administration that represents your genuine interest and showcases your maximum potential to pursue the course in their organization.

There is a nominal difference between the LOM and SOP. The Letter of Motivation is a personalized document explaining your motivation to apply and why you should be considered for a particular program. On the other hand, the Statement of Purpose is more about the candidate as it describes what drives and inspires you academically, your interests, and your professional aspirations.


For us at Editech, helping you present triumphant documentation is an exciting pursuit. Every institution has unique selection rules, criteria, and policies that may get too much for students to cope with. As an alternative to doing the entire process on their own, students can reach out to a professional academic writing firm like Editech to take care of drafting the documents. The experts at Editech ensure that your documents are drafted to perfection and are university-specific rather than generic.

Our writers can churn out a captivating draft which requires significant experience, knowledge of university requirements, and the ability to align the student's profile with the applied course. Our experienced writers will customize your draft, polish it, and deliver a high-quality document within the discussed timelines. We ensure that your application matches every admission parameter and the implicit requirement criteria crucial to give your profile the edge and secure admission to your dream university.



Editech is a 5-star rated (rating link) Academic Writing Service Provider with several years of experience. We help out students and professionals with academic writing and resume services. These services include writing – Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Application Essays, Scholarship Essays, Visa SOPs, Cover Letters, Immigration Essays and LORs, Research Proposals, Resume in addition to Editing and Proofreading services for research papers and other academic documents.

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