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Welcome to Editech, where we bring your academic dreams to life. For years, we've been a beacon for students throughout India, providing tailored academic writing services. Our forte lies in creating Statements of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Academic Essays, and professional resumes that resonate with your personal story.

At Editech, we thrive on crafting narratives that reflect your individual journey and aspirations. Working in close harmony with you, we ensure every piece we craft not only meets but elevates your application, enhancing your chances of success. We're committed to excellence, timely delivery, and utmost client satisfaction.

Join us at Editech. Here, we don't just write applications; we help script your future success.

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Client Reviews

I not only loved the way you guys gathered all the information but also your amiability. You certainly made sure that my SOP covers not only my experience but also my journey and future ambitions so meticulously that it is convincing and appealing at the same time. Definitely worth the money. I am glad that I opted for Editech's services.

Suraj Desai

Hands Raised


How do we operate?

Once you drop in a query or contact us, our team will get in touch with you to discuss the scope of the project and the cost. Once agreed upon, we will block 30-45 mins as per your feasibility and take down details around your motivations, academic profile, professional experience, extra curriculars etc., post which we will proceed with drafting your document

How much time do we take to draft your documents?

The standard timeframe for delivery is about a week. However, it completely depends on your requirement, in case you have time on your hands, we can deliver it in a week, else if you need it delivered in a day or two, we can cater to that as well

How much do we charge for our services?

For SOPs, LORs and Essays,the documents are charged on a per word basis, depending on the delivery timelines. For resumes, we have three categories - Bronze, Silver and Gold, all three differing by design aesthetics. For exact prices please get in touch with us

How do we ensure originality of content?

We spend a lot of time discussing and understanding the client's profile, followed by our own research, post which we churn out a freshly written unique document. Before sharing the document with the client, we run all our texts through a plagiarism checker and share a report of the same with the client

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