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Why Is Proofreading Critical for Your Overseas Application Documents

There is a broad set of academic documents that a student requires in order to secure admission to a university for higher education. These documents include an SOP, Letter of Intent or Letter of Motivation, Scholarship essay, Curriculum vitae (CV), OR resume, Letter of recommendation (LOR) and Application Essay. Each document requires deep research, brainstorming, and proofreading before finalizing it. Proofreading is the process of examining a document for errors such as grammatical accuracy, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, typography, formatting, consistency, and minor errors. proofreading plays a pivotal role in reviewing your final draft and eliminating mistakes which can eventually yield solid results.

These documents must maintain a high standard of clarity, linguistic proficiency and must be carefully drafted with proper research to portray a reasonable, logically sound, and objective argument supporting your application to show the highest potential.


  • You can get a professional to proofread your documents as they possess the relevant qualifications and a thorough understanding of the requirements and guidelines of the admission and visa committee

  • A proofreader can make your draft more comprehensible, coherent, and rectified from any grammatical errors

  • Professional editors and proofreaders can point out errors and give suggestions to add a professional touch that helps your profile stand out from rest of the applicants

  • Comprehensive writing and using appropriate words depict your professionalism, which shows your dedication, integrity and responsibility

The number of students studying abroad is steadily increasing, which means the competition is fierce for students. One small grammatical error can spoil your entire application. Thus, submitting an impressive and error-free document is what an applicant should strive towards.


Have you completed writing your academic document? Do you want someone to review the accuracy and authenticity of your draft? If yes, EDITECH brings the most trusted and efficient proofreading services to you.

Editech provides proofreading facilities for all your academic documents, including Statement of purpose for university and embassy, LOR, scholarship essay, resume, and more. Our services guarantee an error-free, clear, and compelling draft within the discussed time frame.


  • Checking the spelling, grammatical accuracy, punctuation, and formatting errors

  • Identifying whether the mandatory fields have been captured or not

  • Checking for Clarity, Coherence and Consistency

  • Highlighting potential issues in the flow, tone and writing style

  • Expert suggestions and comments


  • We provide helpful advice on writing style and improving word choice

  • We help you with ensuring a confident academic tone

  • We point out and advice you on the removal of irrelevant information

  • We help format your draft to your desired specifications

  • We help you prepare the document within the specified / recommended word limit

  • We help you make your draft more compelling

  • We leave feedback that is helpful and can be acted upon


Editech is a 5-star rated (rating link) Academic Writing Service Provider with several years of experience. We help out students and professionals with academic writing and resume services. These services include writing – Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Application Essays, Scholarship Essays, Visa SOPs, Cover Letters, Immigration Essays and LORs, Research Proposals, and Resume in addition to Editing and Proofreading services for research papers and other academic documents.

You can visit our website -

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