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Importance of a Cover Letter

A cover letter is essential to your entire portfolio and conveys your distinct skills and experience, and it is widely used by recruiters and serves as a decisive factor in recruitment. It is a brief formal note that should range between half a page to a full page in length that a job applicant can write to a hiring manager or recruiter to go along with the resume and other application documents. The document is critical to getting your application noticed, and it is attached along with your CV, which outlines your traits and attributes when applying for a job.

A well-written cover letter might pique the recruiter's interest to look at your CV. This single document provides a preliminary perspective on your skills and is an opportunity to capture the recruiter's attention with a knockout to your competition. It gives an employer a brief glimpse of your work ethic, experience, personality, capabilities, enthusiasm, and the potential success you bring with you.

A cover letter is essential for students applying to universities, fresh job seekers, professionals looking for career-advancing, and senior-level management professionals. You must craft a credible cover letter when applying for a new position and modify your resume according to the organization to which you are applying.

A professional cover letter format follows the same structure as a standard business letter, and the following sections should be incorporated:

  • Heading

  • Date and Contact Information

  • Addressing: Salutation/Greeting

  • Main Body: Opening Paragraph, Middle Paragraph, Closing Paragraph

  • Complimentary close and Signature

The main body should consist of the following details:

  • Your basic information (your name, contact details, the date)

  • Academic and professional background

  • Experience, internships, volunteer work, extracurricular activities

  • Details that are relevant to the position you want

  • An action item (asking them to get into contact with you if they are interested) with a polite ending

A cover letter is your first and perhaps only chance to make an impact before an interview. Does the thought of drafting a cover letter trouble you? Be assured that you got the right expertise to help you.


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