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How Overseas Education Is Benefiting Indian Students

The number of Indian students enrolling in international universities for higher education has been steadily increasing, and the trend is now a popular and well-accepted journey for many students. Some of the most popular destinations for Indian students are the UAE, US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Singapore. The highly competitive admission criteria influence most students pursuing their study abroad in Indian universities along with better employment opportunities overseas. Exposure to an international education contributes significantly to the overall development of a student, enhancing their chances of having a fulfilling and promising career.

International Financial Solutions Providers released a report predicting that about 80% of growth in the global student market is likely to come from Asian countries. As per data from the Indian government, Indian students going abroad increased by about 75%, from 440,000 in 2016 to 770,000 in 2019, and the number is expected to cross 1.8 million by 2024. Global Education is a life-changing experience; that is why millions of students are willing to leave their shores every year to study abroad. According to a study, the UAE attracted the most Indian students as of July 2021, Canada accounted for the second, and the USA ranked third. Other countries that attract a high number of Indian students are Australia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Oman, China, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, and the Philippines. More than 1.2 million Indian students are now studying abroad, more than twice the number a decade ago. As of today, the UAE has 219,000 Indian students, Canada 215,720, the US 211,930, Australia 92,383, Saudi Arabia 80,800, Britain 55,546, and Oman 43, 600.

It is found that most students prefer to step overseas for a post-graduate education rather than undergraduate education. According to a Redseer Survey in India, 70% of Indian students move abroad for specialized digital skill-based courses related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing, while the remaining 30% enrol in general courses. Students are increasingly looking for niche courses that are gaining prominence in the professional world and can offer exciting career opportunities.

After Thorough Research, We Have Curated a List of Top Courses to Study Abroad.

A few top courses to study abroad include Business and Management, Civil/Construction Engineering, Digital & Interactive Media and Communications, Hospitality & Tourism, Industrial Psychology & HR, Biomedical Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Law/Corporate Law, Medicine and Data Science.

There Are Several Reasons of Students Prefer to Study Abroad

Studying abroad gives students the opportunity of a lifetime to gain invaluable experience. A significant motivation for many students is the prospect of studying at a university with a world-class education system and a solid international reputation. It becomes a pathway for students to attain their full potential while developing their personalities and enhancing their career opportunities while building a global alumni network. Pursuing education from abroad is also an excellent opportunity to hone language and cross-cultural communication skills.

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