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Everything You Need to Know About a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

A comprehensive guide to understanding the need for a Letter of Recommendation as part of your university application process and how professional writers can help you draft the same.

LOR stands for Letter of Recommendation and is an integral part of your university application process. The recommendation letter is generally written by a professor or a manager (referred to as referees) under whose guidance you might have studied or worked professionally and is a means to validate your learning abilities, experience, character, achievements, and skills. A LOR helps to highlight your potential and abilities and serves as proof of your tenure in an organization or university, boosting your credibility and emphasizing to the admission officials how you would be an asset to the university. The document usually consists of only a single page and should range between 300 to 400 words in length.

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF LOR- Academic LOR and Professional LOR

An Academic LOR is written by instructors or academic mentors of your previous or current institute. If you are applying for an undergraduate or a post-graduate degree, then your school instructor(s) or professor(s) can be your reference. Generally, the university requires one to three LORs from your previous institute, but it varies across programs, universities, and countries. It is advisable first to check the guidelines of your chosen program and then plan accordingly.

A Professional LOR is different from an academic one. Depending on the program you are applying to, a university may demand a LOR written by an immediate manager or supervisor aware of your professional capabilities and aspirations. This document primarily focuses on your career growth and professional qualities, including efficiency, teamwork, interpersonal skills, and leadership qualities displayed at the workplace.

Given today's fast-paced and hectic work schedules, it is common for a referee to ask the candidate to write the LOR themselves, which the referee just validates before sending it to the university. In such a scenario, a candidate may find it challenging to prepare the critical document because of the university-specific needs and protocols that must be meticulously followed. A well-crafted LOR is vital to make one's profile stand out, and that is where professional academic writers, with their experience in the field, can help bolster your profile substantially.



  • We create drafts with effective writing styles and lucid expressions to ensure that the quality is top-notch and professional.

  • We make sure that the LOR carries the right tone and is aligned with your resume and career goals. With extensive years of expertise in academic content writing, we ensure that the document is unique and personalized to your profile.

  • Our writing services always deliver the highest quality and client satisfaction. We deliver LORs, that are properly edited, coherent and free of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

  • Our experienced professionals possess the skills to deliver a concise and comprehensive LOR. They are experts in using extensive vocabulary while drafting the letter and will use the appropriate language to cater to the specific needs of the university and prepare a persuasive LOR.

  • Before delivering, we run our drafts through numerous plagiarism checkers to ensure the originality of the content.

  • Our professional writers are committed to meeting the deadlines.

You can rely on Editech to draft a high-quality LOR and other required academic documents as part of your application process. Our writers can churn out captivating drafts which require significant experience, knowledge of university requirements, and the ability to align the student's profile with the applied course. Our experienced writers will customize your draft, polish it, and deliver a high-quality document within the discussed timelines. We ensure that your application matches every admission parameter and the implicit requirement criteria crucial to give your profile the edge and secure admission to your dream university.



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